Healthcare Products that work!

Healthcare Products that work!

Healthcare Products that work!

  • Blood Test For Food Intolerance

    Food intolerance testing for 150+ foods.  This test is sent to the UK for analysing.

  • Allergy Testing Using Hair Sample Analysis

    This test highlights food and environmental sensitivities and intolerances.

  • Live Blood Analysis

    This test identifies the presence of certain nutritional and digestive deficiencies, presence of parasites and crystals within the blood.

  • Iridology

    The Iris is like a fingerprint and can provide information about an individuals well being.

  • NES Health

    NES Provision scan- assesses the body from a biochemical point of view. Giving insight into your nutritional status.


    The Zest4Life Program ia a low GL (glycemic load) diet responsible for helping thousands of people regain health and maintain weight.

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