October is all about Liver Cleansing

Following on from last month we turn our focus to discuss Live cleansing

The Liver is an Important Organ

The liver is the body’s main detoxification organ. Responsible for processing and distributing the body’s fuel supply. It excretes waste material via its bile ducts, filtering 1.5litres of blood per minute and producing 1 – 1.5 litres of bile per day. No wonder you feel tired when the liver is struggling!

Benefits of Liver Cleansing

+  Improved Digestion

+  Aid hormonal issues

+  Aid cholesterol control

+  Positively affect immunity

+  Impacts weight loss

+  Can improve sleep patterns

We suggest that you cleanse your liver using our two-week liver cleanse kit.

The total cost of the kit is R172.

This kit prepares the liver for the cleanse within the first two weeks and you follow instructions in the kit for the 2-day flush.

The cleanse flushes congealed bile and toxins from the liver leading to improved function.

What does the 2-week liver cleanse include?

The two week cleanse includes Gallflow capsules which clear the body of parasites and ensures bowel movements. Thereafter the two-day flush follows. You should see liver stones or more accurately congealed bile flushed out. This is a painless procedure.

If you have more serious liver issues, please come in and discuss and we can guide you in terms of nutritional advice etc.

In addition to the two-week flush, we have many other liver support medications.

Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is a supreme liver herb which we stock in various forms.

The Nature’s Own Team

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