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MSM 200 Capsules

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Application: _x000D_
Inflammation, poor skin, hair and nails growth. Also used for cardiovascular health, allergies, appendicitis, arthritis-rheumatoid, arthritis-osteo, lower back pain, rheumatism, sciatica, parkinson’s disease, crohn’s disease, muscle aches and pains, neuralgia, joints, colitis, gastritis, diverticulitis and diverticulosis, emphysema, fibromyalgia, leaky gut syndrome, lumbago, lupus, pain sensitivity, peptic ulcer (gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer), stomach ache, sprains and strains, anti-aging, pelvic pain, pyelitis, appendicitis, burns (including sunburns), bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, nephritis and enteritis.